Facility Maintenance

If you are a manager responsible for uptime or maintenance, you want the best but you need it to be affordable. Strategies you can implement for equipment maintenance include reactive, preventive and predictive. Reactive is the default – easy to implement but the cost of last-minute special part orders and emergency repairs adds up. Preventive maintenance with regular service intervals is usually a little better – it can reduce costs and downtime but does not accurately predict failure and for some facilities it can actually cost more than reactive. Predictive maintenance (PdM) is the ideal. It is the process of proactively determining when to fix or replace equipment based on an inspection or measurement of the equipment.

PdM is increasing being used to prevent unplanned downtime and save costs. However, most PdM methods suffer from increased inspection costs, false alarms and missed true alarms. There is one method that can be used in the majority of equipment that can be very accurate and this is thermal imaging, but the inspection cost is prohibitive for most facilities because it relies on the expertise of a trained and experienced operator, the thermographer. If your facility has not hired an expert as a full-time staff member, you must find a consultant thermographer, and a good expert is not easy to find. A year or more of experience, not just a few weeks of training, is necessary to develop the ability to reliably diagnose problems with thermography. Its not about the camera, its about the diagnostic expert who can identify the problems in your equipment.

Expert Thermographer

If you are a thermographer, you may find limits on your time and acceptance of thermography by facilities to be big problems. The practice of thermography has been cultivated into a diagnostic imaging discipline by numerous experts over the years, but serious problems threaten to erode the field. True experts are not easy to find, and they are often too busy to take on new clients or work full-time for one company. How does a facility know the thermographer they hired is a true expert like you, and not a trainee with a camera who doesn’t have enough experience to reliably identify and diagnose problems? Our software will help expert thermographers like you to provide PdM services to companies more efficiently and ultimately expand the market for thermography.