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Did you know that thermal imaging can help you can solve common building problems before they become costly problems?

Thermal imaging is a great way to locate problems such as water damage, electrical malfunctions and energy leaks. Professionals use thermal imaging to solve problems in buildings, engines, electronics, factory equipment and more. A major reason thermal imaging isn’t widely used by all of us is that imagers are expensive, typically several thousand dollars.

Our solution is the HemaImager, a heat mapping device that pairs with the camera from a smartphone or tablet and produces thermal images in real-time. The HemaImager (short for Heat Mapping Imager) allows homeowners, trades professionals, and engineers to predict problem areas in electrical equipment, homes, offices and other buildings by exposing unexpected temperatures. Check out our Kickstarter page to learn more.

What is thermal imaging and how can it be used beyond monitoring body temperature?

Thermal imaging is used to show maps of heat and cold in the area around you. This information is not only useful in detecting the temperature of a person, but predicting problem areas in a home, office or other building. Unexpected temperatures can reveal:

  • Sealing losses;
  • Insulation weaknesses and ductwork leakage;
  • The rate of energy loss on a room-by-room basis;
  • Water leakage and;
  • Abnormally high resistance in electrical service equipment.

With HemaImager, everyone has access to an affordable thermal imaging device that will help predict an issue within a home or office.

Our Solution

HEMA Imaging – Kickstarter from Erik Beall on Vimeo.

Our solution pairs our HemaImager with the camera (from a smartphone or tablet) and streams the thermal images in real-time. This lets you see the heat map and exactly where it is around you.

The HemaImager is a wireless, calibration-free thermal imager that is compatible with nearly any smart device. The HemaImager also has better temperature accuracy (2C), wider temperature range (-4F – 450F) and better sensor angular resolution (0.61 angular degrees) than the closest affordable competition. The HemaImager Android and iOS apps display and store thermal images or combined thermal and optical camera images. These apps display with fixed or dynamic thermal thresholds and various colormaps to help make temperature anomalies pop out.

Product specs:

  • 64×62 thermopile array with integrated optics
  • Best sensor resolution at this price at 0.61 degree angular resolution
  • Ease of use, no non-uniformity correction needed with thermopiles
  • Frame rate up to the ITAR-TASS regulations limit of 9 frames per second to any fully Bluetooth- or WiFi-capable device
  • Low power consumption and 850 mAhr battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous use without charging, or up to a month if just using for 10 minutes daily
  • Android application for smartphone or tablet
  • iOS application for iPhone and iPad
  • Python & OpenCV-based application for laptops/computer vision applications
  • App or button-driven laser pointer and online temperature display aligned to center of field of view with 0.2 deg Fahrenheit accuracy
  • Thermal measurement range: -4F to 450F


  • Use with any smart device, your HemaImager will not be obsolete if your phone dies
  • Stores securely in an ultralow power mode, wakes up with a single button press
  • Quick-connect with your smartphone or computer within seconds
  • Store thermal images with various colormaps or transparent overlay on camera images
  • Store video stream of either thermal or transparent overlay on camera video
  • Can be used at up to 20m (Bluetooth) or 100m (WiFi) distance from your smartphone or computer
  • Standby alarm mode: set it up on a scene, capture, then set an alarm on a selected feature and walk away
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