Welcome to Hema Imaging

Did you know that thermal imaging can help you can solve common building problems before they become costly problems?

Thermal imaging is a great way to locate problems such as water damage, electrical malfunctions and energy leaks. Professionals use thermal imaging to solve problems in buildings, engines, electronics, factory equipment and more. A major reason thermal imaging isn’t widely used by all of us is that imagers are expensive – typically several thousand dollars – and difficult to interpret the results.

Our solution is the HemaVision, a heat mapping device that has a built-in camera paired with a thermal sensor array and an LCD screen that displays augmented thermal images in real-time. The HemaVision is the next generation in affordable thermal imaging and allows homeowners to predict problem areas in their homes, offices and other buildings by exposing unexpected temperatures.

What is thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging is used to show maps of heat and cold in the area around you. By mapping unexpected temperatures, you can reveal:

  • Sealing losses;
  • Insulation weaknesses and ductwork leakage;
  • Energy loss in each room;
  • Water leakage and;
  • Electrical service equipment issues.

With HemaVision, everyone has access to an affordable thermal imaging device that will help prevent safety issues within a home or office and increase efficiency.

Our Solution

HEMA Imaging – Kickstarter from Erik Beall on Vimeo.

In our prior work with thermal imaging, we discovered there were big drawbacks to a smartphone, primarily the lack of control over the platform. Smartphones are all different and many times don’t have enough computing power just when you need it. Many of us have experienced our smartphone slowing down over time, apps freezing up, and apps failing to work after system updates.

Our solution is the HemaVision, the first consumer user-reconfigurable thermal and computer vision computing platform. The built-in computer vision and processing scripts provide easy-to-use applications suited to your needs and we use a powerful thermal diode array that always gives the correct temperatures. HemaVision helps homeowners identify and diagnose problems by automatically highlighting abnormal temperatures, locking onto scenes, calculating power dissipation and cost, and making statistical maps of significant temperature changes. Reconfiguring the computer vision algorithms is so easy, anyone can do it.

This product is in development and funds will be raised through Kickstarter in early 2015. Help us get this product to you by reserving your HemaVision at a greatly reduced price when we go live. Sign up to be notified when the HemaVision goes live.

Product specs:

  • 82×62 thermal diode array, one-time factory calibrated
  • 40×31.5° thermal imaging field of view (side-to-side, top-to-bottom)
  • Stable image – no nonuniformity correction (Note: other imagers need a shutter, ours does NOT!)
  • Frame rate up to the ITAR-TASS regulations limit of 9 frames per second
  • WiFi connectivity to smartphone or WiFi network
  • Temperature display accurate to 0.2° Fahrenheit
  • Thermal measurement range: -4°F to 450°F
  • Easily updated and modified python script-based computer vision platform
  • Computer vision/image processing is user-reconfigurable
  • Device is physically user-reconfigurable: snap apart, attach to mounts, tripod, grip, etc


  • Quickly identify problem spots with several available applications
  • You don’t have to be a programmer to easily modify application scripts
  • Connect to smartphone or computer to enable additional features, such as object recognition and remote operation
  • Store thermal images with various colormaps or transparent overlay on camera images
  • Store video stream of either thermal or transparent overlay on camera video
  • Reconfigurable computer vision platform includes multiple algorithms

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